SNH48 Group new audition include CKG48 3rd generation

From the beginning, SNH48 GROUP is the largest idol group of Asia speaking languages ​​based on the spirit and the O2O internet platform. In its early stand up to now, SNH48 has selected 200,000 more girls who signed up for auditions and 300 people who managed to become part of the SNH48 GROUP family.

SNH48 Group new audition include CKG48 3rd generation

SNH48 re-opened the audition for girls who wish to realize their dream of becoming an idol.

The opening of this audition was announced at the end of the Team performance titled Mengxiang de Qizhi to coincide with the announcement of the 2nd preliminary results SNH48 4th Request Time (3/12/2017).

Previously, SNH48 GROUP had just auditioned for Generation 9 SNH48, Generation 4 BEJ48 GNZ48 SHY48 and Generation 2 CKG48 which ended in last October.

Here are the conditions that must be obeyed to register auditions:

The girl who dreams of becoming an idol 13-22 years old
Not signing contract with other companies, and willing to sign exclusive artist contract with SNH48 GROUP company

If elected will receive training from professional artists, participate in SNH48 GROUP theater performances, various performances at home and abroad, drama shoots, movies, soap operas and TV shows, and perform at various other commercial events.

What can you get if you are a member of SNH48 GROUP? Here's a list that will make you want to sign up for more auditions.

Provided security, daily accommodation, travel and transportation, the company reserves the right to organize and provide strict management.

The monthly allowance depends on hours of work and member performance, receiving bonuses in theater performances and revenue sharing for domestic and foreign commercial activities.

Capable by professional teachers for vocal development, performances, dance and other physical exercises and skills, go abroad to receive more training and opportunities. 

Participate in SNH48 GROUP exclusive theater performances and various types of events, large-scale concerts; participate with domestic and overseas production companies and teams to make track recordings, MV shoots;

.. participating in widescreen investments or special TV series, movies, shooting dramas or web series; have the opportunity to work with leading brands at home and abroad, and also participate in various types of advertising, filmmaking and other activities; had the opportunity to participate in the famous variety show recordings.

The audition registration starts on 3rd December 2017 yesterday and will close on February 28, 2017. It is also a SNH48 GROUP tactic where AKB48 CHINA will hold an audition at the end of this year. Chinese girls will be provided with two choices of auditions, which ones do they follow?