SNH48 released new special song 'Sweet Festival', here the details

New year will arrive, as usual SNH48 will release a new year's special EP. To welcome 2018, this time SNH48 will release a single entitled 'Tianmi Shengdian 甜蜜 盛典' or 'Sweet Festival'. In this EP kai SNH48 will invite their group sisters BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, and CKG48 to participate.

snh48 sweet festival.jpg

Sweet Festival will be sung by 16 members of the selected senbatsu. In addition to members of SNH48 itself Senbatsu EP includes members of the popular sister group. Who are they? Here is the list.

Team SII (4): Li Yuqi, Mo Han, Sun Rui, Wu Zhehan
Team NII (5): Feng Xinduo, Li Yitong, Lu Ting, Wan Lina, Zhang Yuxin
Team HII (1): Sun Zhenni
Team X (1): Yang Bingyi
Team XII (1): Jiang Shan
Team B (1): Duan Yixuan
Team NIII (1): Liu Lifei
Team SIII (1): Han Jiale
Team K (1): Liu Jiongran (kennin SNH48 Team HII)

All senbatsu members are members ranked in the fourth election yesterday. For music and video clips (MV) will be released on December 20th. The filming took place at Shanghai Disneyland which is a landmark located in Shanghai City, China.