Total first day sales of HKT48 Album '092'

December 27, 2017, Idol group HKT48 officially released the group's first album titled '092'.

HKT48 - 092 1st Day Sales.jpg

On the first day of release, the album has sold 105,255 copies and topped the Oricon daily album ranking.

The album will consist of 5 types namely type A ~ D [CD + DVD] and Theater Edition. Disc 1 in each type will consist of 10 main songs from the first single HKT48 'Suki! Suki! Skip! [Up to the latest single 'Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshouka? [キ ス は 待 つ し か な い の で し ょ う か?] '. While Disc 2 will consist of coupling song singles that have been released plus 5 new songs.

For DVD will contain a short video of the member HKT48 'Toei Presents HKT48 × 48 Filmmakers [東 映 gift HKT48 × 48 人 の 映 画 監督 た ち]'.