Watanabe Rika attending her first photobook event

On December 5, 2017, Keyakizaka46 member Watanabe Rika was came at Fuyuka bookshop Tokyo in order to hold the celebration of her first photobook 'Jousetsuna Manazashi [饒舌 な 眼 差 し] release event released on the same day.

Watanabe Rika attending her first photobook event

Watanabe became the first member of Keyakizaka46 to release a photobook. Location shooting done in Greece.

Regarding herself who released a solo photobook, Rika commented, "I never thought I would be able to release a photobook like this, so I'm so glad." Regarding himself being the first member to release a photobook, Watanabe commented, "There's a feeling of anxiety in me."

For this photobooknya photo shoot, Watanabe revealed she had to undergo the process of dieting 3 months before going to Greece and managed to lose weight as much as 7 Kg. "I love pan [bread] and other sweet foods but I have to hold it and just consume lots of apples I'm trying to get my photobook."

Watanabe Rika who admired the Nogizaka46 member Shiraishi Mai revealed, "I saw Shiraishi-san's photobook and learned many things from it." Watanabe has also given his photobook directly to Shiraishi.

Although during the interview Watanabe answered the question shyly, but when she was asked to give value to her photobook, Watanabe firmly answered "100 points". Regarding her future expectations, Rika Watanabe said, "I want to keep fighting hard in my every activity."