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Former AKB48 Atsuko Maeda starring 'Taberu Onna' movie

The former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko will be featured in a film titled 'Taberu Onna [食 べ る 女]'.

Maeda Atsuko - Taberu Onna.jpg

Adapted from the novel 'Taberu Onna [食 べ る 女]' and 'Zoku, Taberu Onna [続 · 食 べ る 女]' by Tsutsui Tomomi, this film will tell you about the daily life of 8 women of different life backgrounds.

Actress Koizumi Kyoko will be the main character of this film. Koizumi serves as Mochitsuki Atsuko, a book author and owner of the old bookshop "Mochi no Ie [モ チ の 家]." While Maeda Atsuko, Sawajiri Erika, Hirose Alice, Yamada Yu, and Mitsu, Charlotte Kate Fox and Suzuki Kyoka will serve as women who are trying to regain their identity while worrying about work and romance.

The filming process has started since January 8, 2018 and is planned to be completed in mid-February 2018 and will be screened in Japanese cinemas in September 2018.

Taberu Onna

Release Schedule: September 2018
Director: Shono Jiro

  • Koizumi Kyoko as Mochitsuki Atsuko
  • Sawajiri Erika - Komugita Keiko
  • Maeda Atsuko - Shirako Tamiko
  • Hirose Alice - Hontsu Akari
  • Yamada Yu - Nasuda Tamami
  • Dan Mitsu - Yonesaka Tsuyako
  • Charlotte Kate Fox - Matilda Lisa
  • Suzuki Kyoka - Mifuyu