Former AKB48 Watanabe Mayu starring musical Amelie

Former AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu will star in the musical 'Amélie [ア メ リ]' which will be staged in Tokyo and Osaka from May to June 2018.

Former AKB48 Watanabe Mayu starring musical Amelie

The musical 'Amélie' was adapted from a film titled the same that was released in 2001. Musical 'Amélie' was first performed on Broadway in April 2017. For in Japan, this will be the first performance.

In this musical, Watanabe Mayu will be the main character, Amélie. Amélie is a figure of a girl full of imagination, a figure of a girl who enjoys a fantasy world rather than reality.

In addition, Amélie is more concerned with the happiness of others than the happiness of herself. One day, he meets a strange teen named Nino who likes to collect photos of other people ...

Starring musicals for the first time, Mayuyu commented, "I love musicals including musicals from abroad, and I'm surprised to be offered a starring musical that's been staged on Broadway, though happy, there's a worry in me starring in this musical, but I choose to do everything with all my strength. "