Mizokawa Mirai announce graduation from NMB48

Member NMB48 Team N Mizokawa Mirai has announced her graduation from the group. This was announced by Mizokawa performed the theater 'Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru [こ こ に だ っ て 天使 は い る]' which was held January 31, 2018.

mizokawa mirai nmb48 graduation.png

In her announcement, Mizokawa conveyed, "There is something I want to get, Me, Mizokawa Mirai will graduate from NMB48."

Regarding the reason for her graduation, Mizokawa revealed, "About 6 months ago I started to realize that I could not balance my education with activities in NMB48, although many staff were helpful, but I could not convince myself After consultation with family and staff, I decided to focus with my education. "

Regarding her graduation schedule, Mizokawa revealed she has not decided yet.

Mizokawa Mirai joined NMB48 in 2016 as a 5th Generation group. Herself promoted to Team N in October 2017. 

Mizokawa Mirai is the youngest and the fastest leaving the group from NMB's 5th Generation.