STU48 Ozaki Mami announces her resignation

Member STU48 Ozaki Mami has announced her resignation from the group activities.

STU48 Ozaki Mami.jpg

This is announced Ozaki Mami when he was present suddenly performed theater STU48 held at the theater AKB48, January 6, 2018.

Appearing suddenly, Ozaki said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry, even though this is AKB48's theater, but I want to convey this directly from my mouth, so I decided to be here, there are things that I want to say I, Ozaki Mami decided to resign from STU48 activities. "

This announcement not only surprised fans who attended the theater but also members who do not know Ozaki Mami plan this.

Ozaki continued, "I got a lot of valuable experience while at STU, I want to challenge things and make this decision." To make this decision I have thought it through.

Ozakai Mami became the second STU48 member who resigned from the group activities. Earlier Kuroiwa Yui also announced her retirement from the group in October last year.

About Ozaki Mami's graduation schedule will be announced on the group's official website.