AKB48 Yui Oguri signed contract with LARME magazine

Member AKB48 Team 8 Oguri Yui has been chosen as a regular model by fashion magazine 'LARME'. This announcement was announced on SHOWROOM's live broadcast held today, 15th of 2018.

AKB48 Oguri Yui - LARME.jpg

This is the realization of 'LARME' announcing that it will be one of the young members of AKB48 Group to become their regular model, the announcement was announced when a young member of AKB48 Group under the age of 17 held a concert 'Hotei Sokudo to Yuetsukan Fure All-Star Concert ~ Zero Position no Mirai ~ at Tokyo Dome City Hall, January 14, 2018 ago.

Magazines' LARME: March 2018 upcoming edition will be Oguri Yui's debut as a regular model of 'LARME' magazine.