[FR] SNH48 Family Group 5th Anniversary Concert Day 1

SNH48 successfully held a concert entitled SNH48 FAMILY GROUP in Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena (2/2/2018). The concert was held as a celebration of the 5th anniversary of SNH48. SNH48 with his group sisters BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, and CKG48 managed to bewitch all the fans in attendance. The concert is broadcast live on some video platfotm in the world of one of them Youtube.

SNH48 FAMILY GROUP in concert 2 February 2018.png

The concert starts at 18:00 WIB with SNH48 version overture song and continued with fashion show from fashion sub unit FASHION16. SNH48 FAMILY GROUP is mostly only show sub sub-units SNH48 including 7SENSES, Color Girls, HO2, BlueV. It was also announced at that time that HO2 and BlueV sub-unit members had been selected by fans through a simultaneous voting of Request Time.

Here is a concert set of SNH48 FAMILY GROUP.
M00. Overture (SNH48 version)
F01. Fashion16
M02. Like a Diamond - 7SENSES
M03. Color Girls - Color Girl
M04. Kiki's Secret - 7SENSES
M05. Wanna Play - 7SENSES
M06. Colorful Days - Color Girls
M07. Wo zhi Zaihui Ni - 7SENSES
M08. Moonlight - 7SENSES
M09. Sweet Boy - Color Girls
M10. Lollipop - 7SENSES + COlor Girls
M11. In Yi Rencheng - Team C CKG48
M12. Qihuan Jiamian li - Team K CKG48
M13. Xin de Weimu - CKG48 all members
M14. Mengzhong de Hunli - Wu Zhehan (Team SII) & Jiang Yun (Team SII)
M15. Yueguang Xia - Feng Xinduo (Team NII) & Lu Ting (Team NII)
M16. Kinjirareta Futari - Su Shanshan (Team E) & Chen Qiannan (Team E)
M17. Shuangmian Ouxiang - Chen Ke (Team G) & Zeng Danni (Team NIII)
M18. Chun Chun - Tang Lijia (Team NIII) & Zuo Jingyuan (Team NIII)
M19. Fei Ni Buke - Lv Yi (SII), Li Yuqi (SII), Mo Han (SII), Sun Rui (SII), Wan Lina (NII)
M20. Hei Mingdan - Hao Wanqing (X), Shen Mengyao (HII), Shao Xuecong (X), Yuan Hang (HII), Yi Jiaai (NII)
M21. Shi Zhong Hua - Song Xinran (X), Wang Shu (X), Wang Xiaojia (X), Yang Yunyu (X), Zhang Dansan (X)
M22. Wo Shijie hai You Ni - SNH48 GROUP
M23. Hao Yunlai - SNH48 GROUP

At this concert is the first concert in the absence of Ju Jingyi after his graduation in 2017. Fans were overwhelmed with the appearance of Wu Yanwen Team HII who had announced his graduation.

The HO2 and BlueV sub-units are officially established and their members have been selected. HO2 has 2 members namely Feng Xinduo and Lu Ting Team NII. BlueV eventually has 5 official members namely Lv Yi, Li Yuqi, Mo Han, Sun Rui, and Wan Lina. Congratulations!