HKT48 Ui Mashiro announce her graduation to become an actress

HKT48 Team H member Ui Mashiro has announced her graduation from the group. It was announced by Ui during her Seitan-sai show held at the HKT48 theater, 21 February 2018.

HKT48 Team H Ui Mashiro.jpg

In the announcement, she said, "I Ui Mashiro will graduate from HKT48." Ui continued, "My desire to become an actress has become my dream bigger because I do not want to end my dreams only a dream, I made the decision to graduate from the group, although it is difficult to announce it in Seitan-sai myself, but I want to say it when everyone is present, so I decided to announce it at the moment. "

Theater stage show 'Theater no Megami [シ ア タ ー の 女神]' to be held March 21, 2018 will be Ui's last appearance with HKT48.

Ui Mashiro joined HKT48 in 2012 as the 2nd Generation group. Two years later, Ui was promoted to Team H in March 2014.