Kawamura Mahiro explain why announce graduation from Nogizaka46

Nogizaka46 first generation member Kawamura Mahiro has just announce her graduation from the group through official site.

kawamura mahiro graduation nogizaka46 

"That Bunshun scandal really is changed her as a either member or person." says a fan.

Member Nogizaka46 Kawamura Mahiro has announced her graduation from the group. This was announced by Kawamura through official blog account this has also been informed before the official site group.

In her own blog, Kawamura revealed, "I entered the world of music in the form of an Idol, I was initially very worried about this, but singing and dancing on stage was fun."

"Graduation is graduation, it will also be a new beginning, although there is anxiety, but I think I should move forward."

Kawamura will graduate from Nogizaka46 on 31 March 2018.

"Within two months until my graduation time, with a smile, I will continue to do my best and I am very happy if the fans continue to support me as before, thanks for the 7 years."

Her official blog or 755 account will be closed following Kawamura Mahiro's graduation on March 2018.