Keyakizaka46 release full MV 'Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?'

28 February 2018, Keyakizaka46 uploaded full music video 'Mou Mori e Kaerou ka? [も う 森 へ 帰 ろ う か?] 'To the group's official YouTube channel.

Keyakizaka46 - Mou Mori e Kaerou ka.jpg

'Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?' is the coupling song of the group's 6th single 'Glass wo Ware! [ガ ラ ス を 割 れ!] 'Which will be released March 7, 2018. This song was performed by Senbatsu members.

The MV was directed by Mori Yoshihiro who also directed MV Keyakizaka46 'Hiraishin [避雷針].