472 members participate in AKB48 Group Center Shiken

March 10, 2018, 472 members of AKB48 Group and 3,400 fans took the test of 'AKB48 Group Center Shiken [AKB48 グ ル ー プ セ ン タ ー 試 験]' which was held in 10 places in 6 cities in Japan and 3 locations outside Japan.

AKB48 Group Center Shiken.jpg

In Japan, the test was followed by AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48 and STU48 members. While outside Japan, the test was followed by members of JKT48 [Indonesia], BNK48 [Thailand] and TPE48 [Taipe].

This test is 90 minutes long with 110 questions [With perfect points, 200] consisting of AKB48 History, Theater and Stage / Music, Senbatsu Sousenkyo, Handshake, Member, Music Video, Album & Single, Concert, Event, Costume, Choreography, Media and Listening.

The 16 members with the highest score of the test results will be the "AKB48 Group Center Shiken Senbatsu Special" and are planned to release the song.

On March 15, will be announced 100 members with the highest score through SHOWRROM and on March 19 will be announced general results on the official site of AKB48.

Member comments About 'AKB48 Group Center Shiken'

Yokoyama Yui [AKB48]
This is more difficult than I imagined, but with this test I again realized that this group is full of history. Through this test I can feel the things passed by my previous Senpai, I'm happy to be in this group. I also hear many fans who say this test is difficult. From now on we want to challenge things and shape the history of AKB48 Group.

Matsui Jurina [SKE48]
This is a new thing for members and fans. 16 members with the highest points will release the song, I want the members to take this opportunity and show the new 48 Group. Undergo this test like nostalgia.

Yamamoto Sayaka [NMB48]
To be honest, this test makes it difficult for both members and fans alike. But this test gives experience and I hope I can enter top 100.

Matsuoka Hana [HKT48]
I'm really learning to face this test, but this test is really difficult. But from this test I also learned a lot of things I did not know before. I want to know more about the history of AKB48 Group and do my best in the future.

Honma Hinata [NGT48]
Honestly, this test is very difficult. During the test, many questions made me think, "Eh there are things like this before I enter NGT48".

Takino Yumiko [STU48]
Through this test I know many things that I did not know before and made me realize the history of AKB48 Group is so deep than I imagined. The questions about STU48 made me smile, fun. But many things I do not know, this test becomes an opportunity to know more about AKB48 Group.