CKG48 apologies after firing 2 members

After firing two members Shi Qin and Zheng Yangying, CKG48 turned out to be much criticized by fans. Lots of fans are pro and con with the dismissal of this member. In order not to cause debate and prolonged problems, CKG48 spoke up on this and apologized to their fans (8/3/2018).

CKg48 appologize.png

Through its official website, CKG48 apologizes deeply to our beloved fans. Here is an apology from CKG48 that has been translated Odonsalvatore.

"Fans of all dear,

Hello everyone, at the beginning of this beautiful spring, related to what happened to CKG48, Spring is a shadow to get better. Here, the entire group operating team expresses sincere apologies to all of you.

Since the debut of CKG48, the average age of girls in this group just stepped on adulthood. The young girl, her mindset has not been filled with new and unique ideas, at that moment there is still the desperation. Everyone experiences puberty, the arrogant nature appears. They are also newly growing children. Individual members break the rules, violate corporate contract rules, impair the image, even hurt the feelings and emotions of fans and other idols. In the present situation, here the entire CKG48 operations team once again expresses profound apologies.

Because of teenagers, they are young, for members who violate discipline, as well as regulatory and operating errors. We will start paying more attention to training and management. We support you not to do so. Being defeated, CKG48 can lose confidence and hope for other girls who still have the courage to achieve dreams. We ask everyone to remain focused on trusting us. Keep track of CKG48 developments.

Along the way, for more than 4 months, not too long, is not our member and operation group still early? There are many things that we all experience together. However, this does not escape or remove the error by reason. After breaking, staying firm to face mistakes can make you better. CKG48 will show firm stance, teen spirit, let's make everyone proud, become a team of Phoenix Nirvana. Become better and better. The entire CKG48 operating team will continue to advance, For all fans of fans give better support. Support CKG48 for stronger and stronger.

Along the way forward, knowing that responsibility is important, along with a dream, no remorse that does not change at the beginning. Finally, the entire CKG48 operations team once again apologizes to you and thanks everyone for their attention and support. We also hope fans will continue to spur us and move forward with CKG48! Thank you to all of you.

CKG48 Operation Team
March 8, 2018 "

Many appreciate this apology by CKG48. It's rare for an idol group to apologize about what happened. CKG48 is still young, just 4 months of debut has been hit by many problems.