JKT48 member Jessica Chandra scandal fans urges her graduation

JKT48 member Jessica Chandra has announced her graduation from the group.

This was announced by Jessica while appearing at a theater performance held tonight.

In her announcement, Jessie said, "I, Jessica Chandra, will graduate from JKT48."

Regarding the reason for her graduation, Jessica Chandra said, "I have been with JKT48 for years, and spent my youth here, I have done various activities with JKT48, I decided to graduate because I thought there was nothing left to do at the group."

Regarding the time of graduation, Jessica informed, "I will participate in the live show which will be held on next month, so I will be happy if you can attend. My graduation time is scheduled to be announced later."

Recently, JKT48 fans were stirring up on social media and online internet forums discussing the scandal of Jessica Chandra, the newest member of the idol group, demanding that she immediately graduate.