Ju Jingyi and SNH48 Group received awards from 25th ERC Chinese Top Ten

SNH48 7SENSES Ju Jingyi received award.png

Music Festival 25th ERC Chinese Top Ten successfully held in Shanghai (26/3/2018). SNH48, 7SENSES international squad, and sharpen artist STAR48 Ju Jingyi, and the DSB brother group were invited to attend the red carpet and perform in the event.

ERC Chinese Top Ten is a music awards set up by Shanghai Media Group and broadcasted on Dragon Television in 1993 to honor artists and work in the Mandopop music industry.

In the event SNH48 featured Wo de Wutai song which was performed nicely by Team SII. 7SENSES also did not miss the song 'Lollipop'.

Not to be outdone, Ju Jingyi sang her second single, Yes or No / Deng Bu dao Ni. She even invited 7 SENSES in the event to make her members consisting of Akira, Bee, Lyn, Tako, Diamond, Eliwa, Kiki remembering their debut one year ago when invited in 24th ERC Chinese Top Ten.

Ju Jingyi the drama queen from China won the award with the category of 'Best Crossover Artist This Year' or the best crossover artist of 2018.

SNH48 also for the fourth time get award from ERC Chinese Top Ten, for this year with Best Pop Collaboration category. 7SENSES received their second award with Best New Artist category.

STAR48 managed to brought the awards at the ERC Chinese Top Ten event. Siba believes that SNH48, as well as its sister group will progress and bring a lot of surprises in the showbiz industry in China.