New SHY48 Team HIII setlist theater 'Pengran 33ºC' announced

SHY48 Team HIII announced that they will start a special theater show entitled 'Pengran 33ºC'. This show is a substitute for 'Beautiful Word' which has ended a few weeks ago.

New SHY48 Team HIII setlist theater 'Pengran 33ºC' announced

Some time ago fans are confused whether the show is original SHY48 or not. After encoding some song titles through their Weibo account and this is a special setlist like 'BELIVE' from JKT48.

The '33º C' Setlist will be delivered today (3/3/3018) at SHY48 Star Dream Theater. There are 16 songs to be sung in this setlist. The sixteenth song is a song of choice from both the original single song and the original theater SNH48 as well as the AKB48 translations that have been copied first. Curious about the songs? See the following list.

M00. Overture (SNH48 version)
M01. Run For The Dream
M02. Brave Heart 勇敢 的 心
M03. Feini Buke 非 你 不可
M04. We Are The SHY (Pioneer SHY48 version)
M05. Seishun no Inatzuma (青春 闪电)
M06. Tonari no Banana (青涩 的 香蕉)
M07. Ame no Pianist (雨中 钢琴 师)
M08. Jonjou Shugi (纯情 主义)
M09. Hajimete no Jelly Beans (巧克力 糖果)
M10. Nakinagara Hohoende (流着泪 微笑)
M11. RIVER (激流 之 战)
M12. Sobakasu no Kiss (那 年 夏天 的 吻)
M13. Nagai Hikari (永恒 之 光)
M14. Zengyi zhi Shou 正义 之 手
M15. Xing Yuan 星愿
M16. Fan Letter

The entire unit song in this setlist is a SNH48 translation song from her sister. Only a few are original SNH48 songs. There are only 5 original songs greeting this show and mostly singles.