NMB48 Nakano Rina announce her graduation

Member NMB48 Nakano Reina has announced her graduation from the group. This was announced by Nakano during Team M 'Idol no Yoake theater performance held March 7, 2018. 

NMB48 Nakano Reina.jpg

In her announcement, Nakano said, "I'm Nakano Reina, will graduate from NMB48." Nakano continued, "Five years have passed since I joined as Generation 4. My dream to become a member of NMB48 has come true, and my other dreams have come true, joining NMB48 teaching me how wonderful life is when our dreams come true."

Regarding the reason for graduating from NMB48, Nakano revealed, "In order to realize my dream of becoming a teacher, I want to concentrate on my educational process Thank you to all the people who have supported me so far I have spent my teenager as a member of NMB48. certainly, I'm very happy if you keep supporting me to the end. "

Nakano Reina joins NMB48 in 2012 as a Generation 4 group. When NMB48 held the 'NMB48 Arena Tour 2015 ~ Tookunitemo ~' concert in February 2015, Nakano was promoted to Team M along with several other members.