Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase to release her literally photobook

Member Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase will release her first photobook (*) on May 9, 2018.

Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase 1st PB.jpg

Nanase's first photobook shoot is done in Morocco, where Nanase dreams as a shooting location. One of the photo shoot locations in this photobook is photogenic city, Marrakesh.

In addition to displaying photographs of Nanase, this photobook will also feature other content such as dress and make-up tutorials, a delusion photo story titled "#Naa-chan to date nau ni tsukatte ii yo", dialogue with special guests, diaries and other content . In addition, there will also be an interview series from the magazine 'non-no', namely "Nanaseru fu [な な せ る ふ]" which will be fully loaded in this photobook.

In the published article, it is written to be Nanase's first "photobook / フ ォ ト ブ ッ ク". Why first? Not that Nanase has ever released 2 previous photobooks, 'Fudangi [普 段 着]' and 'Kaze wo Kigaete [風 を 着 替 え て]'?
'Fudangi' and 'Kaze wo Kigaete' are called "Sashinshuu / photo album [写真 集]", but most translate it as photobook, including this blog. [Translation of Sashinshuu as photobook happens in all news releases 48 & 46]. In this post, the admin follows the contents of the source that the admin uses, so the admin wrote the first photobook, not the third.