Shi Yusha given a scandalous warning by BEJ48

Today (9/3/2018), BEJ48 announced a warning to one of its members. The warning is addressed to a member of Team J named Shi Yusha.

Shi Yusha BEJ48.jpg

Based on the statement issued BEJ48, Shi Yusha has experienced the incidence of photo spread with a male classmate on the internet. The BEJ48 has already investigated the case with SHi Yusha and her parents.

Photos with men are freely inappropriate for an idol. This can lead to gossip that could harm herself and the group BEJ48 itself. After communicating, based on member management rules, BEJ48 gives yellow card or warning to Shi Yusha. Suspend the activity for three months in BEJ48.

Regarding the recent blasphemy, unrealistic internet commentary that destroyed the BEJ48 image. Hope that most of the net citizens are not listening to believe it. BEJ48 also invites to joint against cyber crime. End of the announcement, BEJ48 thanked for loyal fans always support.