Total first day sales Glass wo Ware of Keyakizaka46

Today, March 7, 2018 idol group Keyakizaka46 officially released their 6th single group 'Glass wo Ware! [ガ ラ ス を 割 れ!] '.

Keyakizaka46 Glass wo Ware 1st day sales.jpg

On the first day of sales, single 'Glass wo Ware!' successfully sold as many as 638,802 copies and topped Oricon's daily single chart.

Sale of the first day single 'Glass wo Ware!' experienced an increase of 154,844 copies from the sale of their fifth single 'Kaze ni Fukarete mo [風 に 吹 か れ て も]'. The single also repeats the success of the previous 5 singles '' Silent Majority ',' Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai [二 二 ゾ]]] ',' Futari Saison [二人 セ ゾ ン] ',' Fukyouwaon [不 協和 音] 'and' Kaze ni Fukarete mo 'who also managed to rank first Oricon daily singles chart.