Total first week sales of AKB48 51st single Ja-Ba-Ja

AKB48's '51st idol group' idol group released March 14, 2018 has sold 1,115,843 copies and topped the Oricon weekly singles chart.

AKB48 - JaaBaaJa.jpg

'Ja-Ba-Ja' became the 38th single of AKB48 who reached the Oricon first rank in a row since the single 'RIVER' which was released in October 2009 and became the 33rd single of AKB48 that sold in the number one millions.

For the Billboard Japan version, the single 'Ja-Ba-Ja' has sold 1,202,909 copies in the first week.

Total sales data of AKB48's 5 new singles in the first week: 

  1. Ja-Ba-Ja: 1,115,843
  2. 11-gatsu no Anklet: 1,095,240
  3. #SukiNanda: 1,082,988
  4. Negaigoto no Mochigusare: 1,305,747
  5. Shoot Sign: 1,025,267