Total first week sales of Kazaranai Hoseki, Okada Nana first photobook

The first member of AKB48 / STU48 Okada Nana 'Kazaranai Hoseki [飾 ら な い 宝石] member who was released 27th February 2018 has sold 7,777 copies in the first week.

AKB48 Okada Nana 1st PB 1st week.jpg

With this number, Okada Nana's photobook is ranked fourth in the Oricon weekly "Photobook" category.

Photobook Okada Nana is taking the shooting location in Hawaii. This photobook is published by the publishing company WANI BOOKS. Kuwajima Tomoki who is responsible as the first photobook of member of HKT48 Sashirara Rino 'Sashiko [さ し こ]' also became a photographer this Okada Nana photobook.