CKG48 2nd generation members have been announced

The second generation CKG48 audition has officially ended in 2017. Previously, fans of SNH48 GROUP had caught second generation members passing by at CKG48 Star Dream Theater. 

CKG48 2nd generation members have been announced
It seems that second generation members will soon be introduced in the near future.
This is apparent from the Weibo account of this second generation member has been registered by the management.
When fans do a search with keyword CKG48 was found a new user Weibo with CKG. Chances are they will be officially announced during The 48 Idol Festival CKG48 later.
After Odon browse there are eight new account users second generation members of CKG48.
Intrigued by their names? Here are the eight members of the second generation of CKG48: Xu Chuwen (徐楚雯), Zou Bingqing (邹冰清), Xu Huiling (徐慧玲), Wu Xiatong (吴晓桐), Yu Menglu (余 梦露), Wei Xiaoyan (魏燕燕燕), Dai Ziwei ), and Zhou Tongran (周桐 冉).