Details on BEJ48 6th generation audition members

BEJ48 6th generation

The BEJ48 has entered its second year of formation on April 20, 2018. Entering the number two this year, the 48-based group in Beijing has many members who are divided into Team B, Team E, Team J, and Trainee.

For the year 2018, BEJ48 opened auditions and looking for members of the sixth generation. The theme chosen by BEJ48 in searching for new seeds is "Sail Our Dream".

Previous five-generation auditions have been held some time ago, while the new four generations will be announced at the Next Idol Project trainee show.

Audition Generation 6 is the first time for the BEJ48 not to do it with other sister groups. Since the first generation BEJ48 held auditions simultaneously auditions SNH48 and GNZ48. Though yesterday SNH48 just opened the audition of the eleventh generation members.

Here are the conditions that must be adhered to register audition second generation BEJ47:

  1. The girl who dreams of becoming an idol 13-22 years old
  2. Not signed a contract with another company, and willing to sign exclusive contract with the company shading BEJ48 (Beijing STAR48).
  3. If elected will receive training from professional artists, participate in BEJ48 theater performances, domestic and foreign shows, drama shoots, movies, soap operas and TV shows, and perform at entertainment and business events.

Registration opens on April 20, 2018 and will close on May 25, 2018. The first stage of this audition is a form, girls can register by going to the page.