JKT48 6th generation members has been announced

During the announcement of JKT48 Academy, the headmistress of Devi Kinal Putri has said that later in the venue will be divided into two classes, class A and B.

gen6 jkt48.png

The final was also immediately explained that class A will be filled by the fifth-generation Trainee. While Class B will be filled by gems JKT48 is the sixth generation.

Members of the 6th generation of 14 people immediately entered the stage and were introduced. They wore pride shirts of every generation that were light green.

Previous fans have learned that the 6th generation will be introduced to Melody's show. It is known from photos showing members of the 6th generation are waiting for the elevator to come in a building scattered on the Internet.

The following is a list of the names and ages of 6th generation members of JKT48.

1. Amanda Pricela (14 Years Old)
2. Anastasya Narwastu (17 Years)
3. Ariela Calista Ichwan (17 Years Old)
4. Denise Caroline (16 Years Old)
5. Erika Sintia (17 Years Old)
6. Erika Ebisawa Kuswan (18 Years Old)
7. Gita Sekar Andriani (18 Years Old)
8. Graciela Ruth (14 Years Old)
9. Jihan Miftahul Jannah (17 Years Old)
10. Kandiya Rafa Maulidita (14 Years Old)
11. Putri Cahyaning (16 Years Old)
12. Finanda Syahputri (14 Years Old)
13. Riska Amelia Putri (17 Years)
14. Shalza Gracita (13 Years Old)

Of these 14 members, some are members of Team T JKT48, Eve Antoinette Ichwan. She is the one who has the Ichwan clan behind the name, Ariela Calista Ichwan.

In this generation 6, one of the members there who have Japanese descendants of Erika Ebisawa Kuswan. She is a friend of Zahra Yuriva ex-JKT48.