Keyakizaka46 Sugai Yuuka to release first photobook

Member and captain of idol group Keyakizaka46, Sugai Yuuka will release her first solo photobook on June 5, 2018.

Keyakizaka46 Sugai Yuuka 1st PB 01.jpg

Yuuka became the third member in the group to release a solo photobook. Previously, Watanabe Rika with photobook titled 'Jousetsuna Manazashi [饒舌 な 眼 差 し]' which was released December 5, 2017 became the first member Keyakizaka46 who released a photobook. Then Nagahama Neru released her solo photobook 'Koko Kara [こ こ か ら]' on December 19, 2017.

Known for the character "Ojo-sama", photo shoot Yuuka took place in France and performed at the end of November 2017. Yuuka visits famous French attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Chantilly Castle and other attractions.

Regarding her photobook, Yuuka commented, "Can get in touch with my favorite horse, enjoy croissants and wine, swimming in a nice pool ... Many new things I first felt in life through this photobook shoot." In the end, Yuuka made the sentence promotion by saying, "Will you go for a walk in France with me?"