Mezamashi Doyoubi using Nogizaka46 as their theme song

The Nogizaka46 'Kumo ni Nareba ii [雲 に な れ ば い い]' performed by Eto Misa unit, Ikuta Erika and Sakurai Reika will be used as the theme song of Fuji TV's Mezamashi Doyoubi information program.

Nogizaka46 Eto Misa, Ikuta Erika, Sakurai Reika.jpg

'Kumo ni Nareba ii' is the 20th single coupling song of Nogizaka46 'Synchronicity [シ ン ク ロ ニ シ テ ィ]' which will be released on April 25, 2018.

The lyrics of this song are written by Akimoto Yasushi who describes the desire to live freely like a cloud. Eto, Ikuta and Sakurai are three members of Nogizaka46 who have good singing ability.

Regarding this song, Ikuta said, "By listening to this song, I hope to be the beginning to live a beautiful day with a relaxed feeling."

While Eto revealed, "Listening to this song will make the feeling of being relaxed and calmer hearted."

And Sakurai commented, "I am grateful if many people will make this song as the beginning of the day in every week."

'Kumo ni Nareba ii' will be the theme song of Mezamashi Doyoubi program from 7 April 2018 to 29 September 2018.