MNL48 first generation members has been announced

MNL48 1st General Election titled 'Walang Atrasan!' officially ended (29/4/2018). The event that was adapted from sousenkyo AKB48 finally ended with a festive.

MNL48 1st General Election 1st Generation Members Senbatsu Kami 7 Under Girls Next Girls Future Girls.jpg

The event was aired live via Facebook account MNL48 and varityshow ABS-CBN, it's showtime. In the first MNL48 sousenkyo has been announced members of the first generation, senbatsu, under girls, next girs.

The waiting of many fans about the first generation members has ended. A total of 48 audition finalists of MNL48 inaugurated become members of the first generation of the group.

The first-generation challengers of MNL48 are also inaugurated as kenkyuusei / trainee students. Audition of the first generation member of MNL48 is officially over. All the pros and cons during the audition now no longer happen.

For the first sousenkyo MNL48 has applied 48 seats divided into 3 groups, namely Senbatsu (RANK 1-16) in which there are Kami-7, Under Girls (RANK 17-32), Next Girls (RANK 33-48). Here is the result of senirlsu sousenkyo MNL48 which was announced yesterday.

1. Shekinah Arzaga (1,867 votes) CENTER
2. Abelaine Trinidad (1,151 votes)
3. Marsela Mari Guia (816 votes)
4. Christine Ann Coloso (791 votes)
5. Zennae Inot (757 votes)
6. Alice Margarita De Leon (697 votes)
7. Sharlene Trixie Tano (632 votes)
8. Ella Mae Amat (590 votes)
9. Ashley Cloud Garcia (529 votes)
10. Gabrielle Skribikin (520 votes)
11. Jemimah Caldejon (514 votes)
12. Sayaka Awane (487 votes)
13. Faith Shanrae Santiago (484 votes)
14. Lara Mae Screen (480 votes)
15. Mary Grace Buenaventura (451 votes)
16. Quincy Josiah Santillan (433 votes)

17. Alyssa Nicole Garcia (401 votes) Center
Princess Erica Sanico (391 votes)
19. Eunys of the Century (391 votes)
20. Valerie Joyce Daita (389 votes)
21. Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina (354 votes)
22. Dian Marie Mercado (344 votes)
23. Aubrey Ysabelle Delos Reyes (336 votes)
24. Cristine Jan Elaurza (326 votes)
25. Dana Leanne Brual (304 votes)
26. Jhona Alyanah Padillo (251 votes)
27. Mariz Iyog (227 votes)
28. Guinevere Muse (220 votes)
29. Daryll Matalino (214 votes)
30. Vanessa Yap (207 votes)
31. Jessel Montaos (203 votes)
32. Jennifer Nandy Villaruel (202 votes)

33. Shaina Duran (201 votes) Center
34. Kaede Ishiyama (199 votes)
35. Ruth Lingat (188 votes)
36. Sharei Engbino (164 votes)
37. Shaira Duran (161 votes)
38. Aubrey Binuya (158 votes)
39. Lorraine Leigh Lacumba (145 votes)
40. Khyan Jewel Cacapit (137 votes)
41. Hazel Joy Marzonia (136 votes)
42. Necca Adelan (122 votes)
43. Angelica Mae Batocael (121 votes)
44. Ericka Joyce Sibug (121 votes)
45. Althea Itona (91 votes)
46. ​​Princess Rius Briquillo (69 votes)
47. Madelaine Epilogo (44 votes)
48. Princess Labay (44 votes)

Of course in every sousenkyo in 48 Group has a few prizes of single participation. MNL48 gives some of its prizes to the selected members. TOP 16 will follow the recording of MNL48's first album along with the filming of MV.

In addition, senbatsu will also follow a series of endorsement / commercial activities and also perform together with AKB48 in concert. While we-7 (TOP 7) will undergo international record contracting and endorse activities, performing with AKB48 and sister group, getting exclusive treatment during theater performances, and exclusive training in Japan by AKS. Center will be the face of MNL48 to the outside world. Congratulations to the selected first generation members.