MUM48 to held first generation audition

After the official launch, Rashmi Raj Media as a company that overshadowed MUM48 has held press conferences and parties for group launches.

MUM48 to held first generation audition

MUM48 is AKB48's newest siter group based in Mumbai City, India. MUM48 will bring up the theme of "bethao beti bachao" in search of their first generation girl members. The words also means 'save the girls, educate girls'.

During the press conference, Rashmi also said that they will soon hold an audition in the near future. The audition was none other than a member of the first generation of MUM48.

From January to April, no auditions were held. Fans of 48 Group wondering whether MUM48's fate would be the same as TPE48 in 2011 then?

Secretly unknown it turns out MUM48 has been holding their first generation member audition. In the official website of MUM (, the first audition stage of applying has been opened.

Girls in India can already register as a member of the first generation MUM48 by filling out and filing an application on the online form provided on the official website.

Who and what terms are used to register for the first generation members of MUM48?
  1. Girls 12-20 years old
  2. Have a dream
  3. Willing to settle in Mumbai City
  4. Willing to undergo show biz
  5. Receive permission from parents
MUM48 applies also to the conditions that if the applicant is a student, the school must allow them to become an idol.

If applicable, applicants may include their previous achievements such as appearing on a TV show, stage, contained in the media, etc. can write their experiences on the form.

Applicants must provide real and complete information about themselves when filling out the form.

MUM48 also provides questions in form fields such as favorite music genres, hobbies, social media accounts, audition reasons, strengths, weaknesses, favorite songs, and family compositions. Unfortunately MUM48 does not provide this first generation audition time limit.