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'Next Idol Project' to be debut setlist for BEJ48 4th generation

BEJ48 will announce their fourth generation members. The fourth generation audition of BEJ48 has been started since July 29, 2017 and held together with audition of 9th generation SNH48, 4th generation GNZ48 and SHY48 and second generation CKG48.

BEJ48 4th Generation trainee 1st Stage.jpg

Generation 9 SNH48 has been announced in advance, now they can be found in the formation of Team FT.

While Generation 4 GNZ48 has joined the members of trainees of the third generation group. BEJ48, SHY48, and CKG48 have not yet released the names of the generation members who passed the joint auditions.

This special birthday celebration, BEJ48 announced its debut for this 4th generation member. They will debut in a theater show titled 'Next Idol Project'.

It is a new step for BEJ48 to apply the Trainee members system in order to produce serious girls with their dreams. Shonichi stage Next Idol Project will be held on 28 April.