Nogizaka46 to release photobook 'NOGI SATSU Vol 01' in June

Nogizaka46 Photobook Nogi Satsu VOL.01.jpg

A collection of photos of Nogizaka46 members in the project 'Nogi Satsu [乃 木 撮]' will be made into a photobook titled 'Nogizaka46 Photobook - Nogi Satsu VOL.01 [乃 木 坂 46 写真 集 乃 木 撮 VOL.01]'.

'Nogi Satsu' is a project featuring photos of Nogizaka46 members photographed by fellow members and published weekly in 'FRIDAY' magazine.

A further year since the project began in February 2017, a total of 10,000 more photos have been collected. 'Nogi Satsu' featured many photos of facial expressions and valuable off-shots from the Nogizaka46 members.

'Nogizaka46 Photobook - Nogi Satsu VOL.01' is scheduled to be released June 26, 2018.