SNH48 and JKT48 were on new Xiaomi CM

SNH48 JKT48 Xiaomi 5 Redmi Note 5.png

JKT48 became the brand ambassador of China's brand smart phone company, Xiaomi. This time, Xiaomi will launch their latest smartphone Redmi Note 5 on April 18, 2018.

In expanding their sales market took idol group JKT48 through an advertisement. The Redmi Note 5 advertisement features four members of JKT48 namely Shani Indira Natio, Yona, Shania Gracia, and Natalia.

Interestingly in this song there is the Xiaomi soundtrack which was sung originally by SNH48. SNH48 members brought Sun Rui, Li Yitong, Lin Siyi, Feng Xinduo, Fei Qinyuan, Xu Jiaqi, Wu Zhehan, Zhao Yue, Yuan Yuzhen, Xie Ni and Kong Xiaoyin and Qian Beiting.

Xiaomi's song was performed by SNH48 in Chinese on the Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 5 Plus ads.

The release of Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 5 Plus was launched on December 7, 2017. For the JKT48 version is brought to the Indonesian for the latest Redmi Note 5 smartphone advertisement.