SNH48 to opens 11th generation audition members

SNH48 10th generation audition.jpg

SNH48 is the largest female idol group in mainland China and also the forming of famous stars like Ju Jingyi, Li Yitong, and Huang Tingting.
Since its inception in 2012, SNH48 became the goal of over 200,000 girls with their dream to become an idol. Lots of girls are in and out of the SNH48 family.

SNH48 with unique idol development model and strong team training. In 2018, SNH48 again opened the opportunity for Chinese girls to join the top idol.

This audition is the quest for eleventh generation members who have been rallyed open on April 18, 2018. As a condition of becoming a member of SNH48's generation?

1. Girls aged 13 to 22 years have dreams of becoming stars.
2. Not in contract with other companies and may sign a contract with SNH48.
3. After being selected will receive a series of training from SNH48 and professional artist
4. Participated in SNH48 theater performances, domestic and international performances, appearing in variety shows, filming and TV dramas, commercials and other endorse and commercial activities.

Auditions will be closed on May 20, 2018. Transportation fees during auditions are borne by applicants. The first stage of the audition is the next online application of girls who pass the selection will be notified via email and phone.

Many advantages gained when becoming a member of SNH48. The company will provide a good living environment.

Accommodation harbor and travel designed by the company. Getting a salary every month, the honorarium depends on the activities and schedule of members. Receive some bonuses and free trips domestic and overseas.

Opportunity to receive training abroad and attend large scale concerts. Participate in recordings of company-produced songs, filming of MV and several dramas, TV series and movies.