STAR48 on top 33 the best agency company

STAR48 best agency artist company no.33.png

NetEase Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company that provides online services that center on content, community, communications, and commerce.

The company is a pioneer in the development of Internet services for China (source: Wikipedia). On April 24, 2018, NetEase released a list of 50 best artist agency companies in China.

In the list of companies that overshadow Ju Jingyi and SNH48 GROUP, STAR48 entered into one of the top 50 companies.

STAR48 (Shanghai Star48 Culture & Media Co. Ltd.) is a company established in 2013 and the rightful owner of SNH48 and its sister group. The company has branches in Beijing (BEJ48), Guangzhou (GNZ48), Shenyang (SHY48), and Chongqing (CKG48).

From TOP 50 of this artist agency, STAR48 was ranked 33rd. Ranked 1 on best artist agency is held by Huayi Brothers Media Corporation.

Continue to support STAR48 to become the best 10 artist agency version of NetEase in the future. For information only, STAR48 becomes the only idol group agency that goes to the TOP 50 list. Congratulations to STAR48 and Wang Zijie!