Nayika Srinian aka Can BNK48 suspended due to her 2nd scandal

Today (08/05/2018) it was reported that one member of Team BIII BNK48 named Can (Nayika Srinian) has been involved in a scandal. Because the girl who likes this red color involved dinner at one of Singapore's restaurants with an unidentified young man. Her self-portrait that might have uploaded her to social media made Can get into trouble from BNK48 management.

Can BNK48 Scandal.jpg

BNK48 and its sister group have a rule that members are not allowed to date or take pictures indiscriminately and are prohibited to disclose secrets. After this news spread, Can BNK48 made clarification and related explanations through live streaming her Facebook page.

"Everyone knows what's going on, I mean to apologize wholeheartedly about what's happening, everyone has seen, for what's happened I'm responsible for everything I've done I can not stand those who are not nice to me. , no matter what happens, thanks to everyone who supports and respects Can's decision I am very much in love with all the fans and members of BNK48 Thank you, " she said.

This was second scandal for Nayika Srinian after last year spotted with a man.

Furthermore, BNK48 through their facebook account uploaded a photo containing the announcement. BNK48 decided that the BIII Team Can be suspended in the group for a month from May 8, 2018. This can make Can as a material for future self-evaluation. BNK48 fans who support Can continue to give their sense of caring by enlivening the #AlwaysBesideCan hashtag.