NGT48 Miyajima Aya to graduate

Member NGT48 Miyajima Aya has announced her graduation from the group. This was announced by Miyajima during the stage show Kenkyuusei 'PARTY ga Hajimaru yo · Echigo Yuki Tsubaki [PARTY が 始 ま る よ · え ち ご 雪 椿]' held May 22, 2018.

NGT48 Miyajima Aya.jpg

Miyajima Aya has been on hiatus from group activities since last March due to deteriorating physical condition. On the first day she returns to a blessing, Miyajima announces graduation.

In the announcement, Miyajima said, "Me, Miyajima Aya will graduate from NGT48."

Miyajima continued, "My health condition is declining and I am making a decision for Hiatus, even though I have been on hiatus for a long time while undergoing treatment, but the development is not as I hoped I do not want to bother the members anymore, and as I think about my future, by the time I'm 20 years old, I decided it would be better to graduate. "

Miyajima's activities with the group will last until the end of July, Miyajima said, "Only 2 months left I will do my best with all my strength I will be great if you keep watching me."