NMB48 new drama 'Social Tantei XX to XX' all you need to know

The Osaka Channel streaming service operated by NTT Plala and Yoshimoto Kogyo will broadcast the drama 'Social Tantei XX to XX [XX XX / XX Social Detective] and XX XX] will be starred by NMB48 members.

NMB48 - Social Tantei XX to XX.jpg

'Social Tantei XX to XX' is a drama with a new concept where to solve cases, the audience can provide their assistance through SNS / Social Media.

'Social Tantei XX to XX' is a drama where 6 detectives are trying to solve the kidnapping case against NMB48 member Iwata Momoka. In an attempt to solve this kidnapping case, 6 Detectives will request the composition of the audience through the SNS.

6 Detectives and spectators will communicate in real time, become "Social Detectives" and try to save Iwata Momoka. This drama scenario may vary according to the submission of the audience in the real world.