Nogizaka46 6th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE in 2 stadium at same time

Idol group Nogizaka46 will hold the group's 'Nogizaka46 6th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE' birthday concert at two baseball stages of Meiji Jingu Stadium and Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in July 2018.


This was announced at the 20th single national handshake event of Nogizaka46 'Synchronicity [シ ン ク ロ ニ シ テ ィ]' held May 12, 2018 in Port Messe, Aichi.

Holding a birthday concert in two places for the first time, Sakurai Reika commented, "What kind of situation is this? Eh, in two stages at the same time? What is this possible to do?", While Nishino Nanase commented, "Does this mean member will go back and forth in these two stages? ".

At the end, Sakurai delivered the message, "No matter what the concert at the two stages is when it comes to a new thing that has never existed so far, please come and see our performance later."

In addition, in this handshake event was also announced details of the schedule and location of the concert 'Nogizaka46 Manatsu Zenkoku Tour 2018' in Fukuoka, Osaka, Aichi and Sendai with the target audience mobilization of 346,000 people.