Shiraishi Mai 'Passport' Photobook sold over 300k copies

The second photobook of Nogizaka46 Shiraishi Mai 'Passport [パ ス ポ ー ト] released February 7, 2017 has reached the number of more than 300,000 copies published in the 19th print.

Nogizaka46 Shiraishi Mai - Passport.jpeg

Kodansha, a photo-publisher of Shiraishi, said: "This photobook is the biggest hit in the company's 100 years history, reaching more than 300,000 copies, this photobook can be said to be a" historic achievement "that exists only once in 100 years.

Responding to this achievement, Shiraishi commented, "To me, being a big hit in photobooks, then reaching the publishing numbers of over 300,000 copies is a very happy thing, I hope this photobook becomes one of the books that many people love."

Note: Until the 66th week of release, 'Passport' has sold 273,580 copies and is ranked 8th weekly Oricon weekbook photo chart for this week.