SNH48 Group to have their new sister group, CGT48?

The company that houses the SNH48 Group, STAR48 became the idol group's market leader in China. The artist's agency already has five groups and one solo artist who has debuted. In 2017, STAR48 will formally form the fifth SNH48 sister group after the formation of CKG48 in Chongqing. The group will be based in Chengdu City named CGT48.

New SNH48 Sister Group Coming Soon.jpg

CGT48 is a new STAR48 project to expand their idol pasa in mainland China. The establishment of CGT48 does not always get a positive response from fans. That's because the group formed its location not far from the previous group CKG48 in Chongqing. Chengdu and Chongqing are adjacent cities and formerly a Sichuan province before splitting up in 1997.

The smells of the formation of this group have started to sound. Some fans through their Weibo account uploaded an image when they visited one of the SNH48 Group sites. The site features VIP members from several groups and the sixth column says "coming soon". So whether this group will soon be announced later on senbatsu sousenkyo concert? Just wait for the arrival of the new SNH48 sister group in the near future.