SNH48 to release documentary video ahead of 5th Sousenkyo

SNH48 will hold its fifth Sousenkyo senbatsu in 2018. Each of these events, SNH48 will release a documentary video about what happened at SNH48 Group for 1 year ago. With the same title with the theme of senbatsu sousenkyo "Dili Qian Xing", this video is ready to be released on June 9, 2018 later.

SNH48 Documentary Sousenkyo 2018.jpg

Through their account, SNH48 released the teaser from the documentary video. In the 2 minute 45 second video it shows the hard struggle of SNH48 members and the sad moments that happened on Team Shuffle Request Time last February.

Many of the members' crying took place and was featured in this documentary. In addition, many of the sides in which members of SNH48 are fighting which fans do not know. There was also a struggle behind the senbatsu sousenkyo Wo Xin Aoxiang concert last year.