SNH48: we have 303 girls for Sousenkyo, more than PRODUCE 101

SNH48 through its official website issued a statement that made fans laugh. The reason is when announcing SNH48 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyo on the official website they wrote related to PRODUCE 101 (Chuangzao 101) which is popular in China. In that sentence SNH48 compares the number of girls owned by PRODUCE 101 with members of all SNH48 GROUP.

SNH48 PRODUCE 101 China.png

From the above picture when translated means "The five big groups will set a new record with PRODUCE 101 x 3 with the number of 303 members who will participate (sousenkyo)". Many fans are even entertained for the behavior of STAR48 (Shanghai Siba).

Although many fans are disappointed when Siba (SB) refused an offer to attend the original Korean survival event. STAR48 made such a sentence possible because of the popularity of PRODUCE 101 China that made their sousenkyo event going to be lost in any respect.

STAR48's ridiculous behavior is not just once, fans are often made loud with the company's behavior. STAR48 is well known among Chinese fans as 'SB' which there means Si = 4, Ba = 8 but others with fans interpret it with ShaBai which means idiot or silly.