With Workpoint, BNK48 to have new variety show

BNK48 has partnered with one of the national public entertainment networks in Thailand, namely Workpoint TV. This collaboration will produce a new variety show that will be starred by the members of BNK48 later. It has been announced in the official social account of BNK48 on May 26, 2018.

BNK48 new variety show by workpoint.jpg

Unfortunately this variety show is still a secret title by both parties. However, later this variety show will appear on Workpoint TV's Channel 23. Fans can watch streaming on the official Workpoint TV site or through their respective television. The latest variety show schedule is still hidden and will be announced later.

Fans expect this variety show to be similar or an adaptation of AKB48's AKBingo !. There is also a suspect that this variety show is the second season 'BNK48 SHOW'. But all the fans expect a lot of fun and funny that will be on this variety show because it is enjoyed by the general public.