146 AKB48 Group members wants to join Nogizaka46

June 18, 2018, member AKB48 Group appeared on live broadcast 'AKB48 Kinkyuu Kaigi [AKB48 緊急 会議 / IM / AKB48 Emergency Meeting]' at Fuji TV.

AKB48 Kinkyuu Kaigi.jpg

'AKB48 Kinkyuu Kaigi' is a program that will feature the discussion of AKB48 Group members after the event 'AKB48 [AKB48 53rd Single Sekai Senbatsu Sousenkyo [AKB48 53rd シ ン グ ル 世界 選 抜 総 選 挙]' which was held last June 16.

In this event, the members of AKB48 Group will discuss some topics based on the results of questionnaires filled by members without revealing their identity. The members will discuss the group's future seriously. This is an emergency meeting of AKB48 Group, by AKB48 Group and for AKB48.

One of the questions in the questionnaire was the question of whether the members of AKB48 Group wanted to join Nogizaka46. For this question, 146 of 338 members of AKB48 Group stated there was a desire to join the AKB48's official rival group.

AKB48 Kinkyuu Kaigi
Number of members who think do not want to be Center: 70/338
Number of members who have thought about graduation: 183/338
The number of members who thinks they are the most Kawaii in the group: 24/338
The number of members who think the scandal case needs to be revealed: 38/338
Number of members who do not want the "Love Ban" rule: 125/338
Number of members who want to join Nogizaka46: 146/338