7 Nogizaka46 members on Seven Muile Program new CM

Nogizaka46 - Seven Mile Program 01.jpg

June 28, 2018, member of Generation 3 Nogizaka46 Ito Riria, Iwamoto RenKa, Ozono Momoko, Sakaguchi Tamami, Nakamura Reno, Yamashita Mizuki and Yoda Yuki attended the press conference of Seven Mile Program 'Seven & AI Holdings' [セ ブ ン & ア イ · ホ ー ル デ ィ ン グ ス の 「 セ ブ ン マ イ ル プ ロ グ ラ ム 」] 'which was held in Tokyo.

To celebrate the launch of the "Seven Mile Program" service, a 3D billboard collaborating with Nogizaka46 will be displayed in the Tokyo Midtown atrium for 4 days from 28 June ~ 1 July 2018.

In addition, a CM with the song "mile mile please" is also available on YouTube.