MNL48 perform Heavy Rotation tagalog version in their first fan meet

MNL48 successfully held their first fan meet event with members of the first generation (03/06/2018). The event was held at Eton Centris Elements !, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Previously MNL48 had held pre-group fan meet has an official member.

MNL48 Aitakatta tagalog version has been released

To enliven this event, MNL48 released the first photopack for their first generation members. In addition to ease of ticket purchases, MNL48 updated their smartphone app to 'MNL48 Fan Club App'.

This Fan Meet event opens with Aitakatta song performed by members of the first generation core. Interestingly this song was first brought into the Philippine national language of Tagalog. All the fans in the stand are surprised at it. All of the first generation members who performed energetically performed the songs from AKB48's first single.

Then next the introduction of Senbatsu, Under Girls, and Next Girls. Fans were also entertained with a game titled Pick Pack Ponk made to enliven the event. Then there was the appearance of senbatsu MNL48 bringing the song 'Heavy Rotation' which is certainly in the Tagalog version. The first position sousenkyo yesterday that Shekina became the center of this song, which is rumored to be the first single MNL48.

The third song is the Sakura / Sakura no Hanabiratchi Flower Petals. All songs are officially performed in Tagalog. The song was performed by all members of MNL48. The members who sang this song were seen there who shed their tears. By bringing this third song, it means that they have ended their first fan meet event.

MNL48 hopes that fans continue to support the upcoming event and continue to support AKB48's Manila-based sister group.