Nogizaka46 Became Highest Soft Music Sales In The Early Half 2018 ORICON

A Japanese company group engaged in music information services including album and album charts ie ORICON has released 'Oricon Ranking in the Early Half 2018 [オ リ コ ン 2018 年 上 半 期 ラ ン キ ン グ]'.
Nogizaka46 - Peringkat Oricon di Paruh Pertama 2018 'Sales oleh Artis'.jpg

Categorized As "Sales / Sales by Artist", idol group Nogizaka46, which entered its seventh year since their debut in 2011 and for the first time ranked the first with sales music [Blu, or an increase of 24.3 Billion Yen from last year's period.

Meanwhile, AKB48 is ranked 3rd with sales of soft music [Single, Album, Music DVD & Blu-ray] of 47.5 Billion Yen.

Oricon Rankings in the Early Quarters of 2018 "Sales by Artist"
[Period: December 25, 2017 ~ June 18, 2018]
  1. Nogizaka46 = 56 Billion Yen
  2. Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE = 54.1B Yen
  3. AKB48 = 47.5B Yen
  4. Kanjani 8 = 37.7B Yen
  5. Kis-My-Ft2 = 25.4B Yen
  6. B T S = 24.7B Yen
  7. Amuro Namie = 22.8B Yen
  9. Mr.Children = 20.6B Yen
  10. NEWS = 18.9B Yen