STAR48 opens trainee global audition

Shanghai Siba Culture & Media Group Co., Ltd. (STAR48) officially opened a global audition to recruit teenagers to be trained to become a new idol (29/06/2018). This recruitment was opened on the same day so that from now on already can register.


STAR48 is one of the largest entertainment companies in China that houses five major idol groups in China: SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, and CKG48. The company also has a drama and film production house called STUDIO 48.

This recruitment differs from the audition of the SNH48 GROUP generation which is a member of the trainee. The creation of this new idol embraces the idol training system in South Korea, so that their debut time is expected to be professional. Not only in STAR48, this recruitment also works with major companies such as Fashion Mina China, and Nuclear Media (DSB shelter), and South Korean company 'ZANYBROS'. STAR48 and ZANYBROS will capture trainees in idol training in South Korea.

Since 6 years of operation STAR48 has a contract with 400 artists and continues to form a new group. Leading Chinese artists such as Ju Jingyi, Li Yitong, and Huang Titing were born from their hard work and management. STAR48 also ensures that new idols will later be involved in making famous movies and dramas such as Legend of Yunxi, Novoland. Not only that STAR48 has also produced great variety shows like SNHello, Guomin Mei Shaonu.

The new idols will also participate in commercial activities such as commercials, shows, large scale concerts, and more. Later the selected idol will be chosen by management to debut in a new group, becoming a member of SNH48 GROUP, or solo. This is a golden opportunity for girls and men to be part of the STAR48 family and new idols in China as well as in the world. Here are the conditions to follow idol recruitment STAR48:

  • Women or men aged 13-22 years, have dreams to perform singing and dancing. Has a shining aura;
  • Has no contract with another company or can cancel it's contract and may sign various artist contracts with Shanghai Siba;
  • Once elected, willing to attend professional artist training at home and abroad, and can participate in various performances, music, movies, tv dramas, and variety shows;
  • This year's recruitment is for SNH48 and sister group, STAR48 Idol Trainee Studio (丝芭 偶像 练习 生) with Korean system model, and DSB, and Mina Actor Studio.

Applicants may include half-body or full photos. There is one thing to keep in mind that in signing up, it is necessary to upload a 2 minute personal appearance video. Who will be selected and become a new idol group under the auspices of STAR48? Please visit the official recruitment site to register (